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Friday, June 18, 2021
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Weekly Activity Report for 3/17-3/24

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for being a member of our site. It is absolutely amazing to see how much we have grown just in the past week.

Facebook Stats: We have received 100 new “likes” on facebook. We had 30,000 (YES THIRTY THOUSAND) views and 295 shares on one of our security alert status. WOW! Those numbers just amaze me.

Website Stats: As many of you may know our website was deleted from our server. We have spent numerous hours within the last week rebuilding our site. We officially re-launched our website on Wednesday March 20th. Since the re-launch of our website we have had over 100 views per day.

Security Stats: For the most part things have been very quiet in the Spring area.

Below I have listed all of the major incidents that have occurred in the Spring area over the past week. (Reported by LE Agencies)

Property Crime:

3/19/13 @ 5:16pm (HCSO) –4300 Block OXHILL in Cypresswood – Defendant was arrested for Auto Theft > 1500.

3/20/13 @ 2:30am (HCSO) – 5200 Block SUMMERFIELD LN – Unknown Suspect shot a pellet gun at the Complainants vehicle causing damage.

3/21/13 @ 3:30pm (HCSO) – 4200 Block LOUETTA RD – Complainant advised his tire had been damaged.

Theft from a Vehicle:

3/21/13 @ 3:15pm (HCSO) – 18500 Block KUYKENDAHL RD – The complainants stated an unknown person broke into their vehicles.

Theft of Vehicle:

3/23/13 @ 9:00pm (PCT4) – 21600 Block FALVEL MISTY DR – Complainant reported a stolen vehicle. No suspect information was obtained at the time of report filing.


3/23/13 @ 10:00pm (PCT4) – 19500 Block COUNTRY RANCH in Country Lake Estates – Terrosristic Threat.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon:

3/17/13 @ 1:30am (HCSO) – 19900 Block HOLZWORTH RD – Two males were involved in a fight that led to lacerations on both males. Both males were transported to the hospital for their injuries.

Family Offense:

3/20/13 @ 7:00pm (PCT4) – 4700 Block LOST OAK in Cypressdale – Two Suspects engaged in mutual combat during a domestic disturbance on the previous date.

Breaking & Entering:

3/18/13 @ 10:00am (PCT4) – 5400 Block ROSEROCK in Bridgestone West – Burglary of residence and evading. UPDATE FROM PCT4 – 2 males were detained and places in custody, 1 was still on the loose as of the writing of this article. The name of the individual has been obtained by questioning of 2 detained suspects.

3/19/13 @ 10:40am (PCT4) – 3700 Block ACORN SPRINGS – Burglary of residence

3/21/13 @ 10:30am (PCT4) – 200 Block ACORN TREE CT near Enchanted Oaks – Reported burglary of a residence. No suspect information or information of items stolen.

3/24/13 @ 3:45am (HCSO) – 5400 Block LOUETTA RD – The Complainant reported that an unknown Suspect(s) broke into his Commercial business and took items without his knowledge or consent.

3/24/13 @ 10:15pm (PCT4) – 700 Block ENCHANTED TRL in Enchanted Oaks – Reported burglary of a residence. No suspect information or information of items stolen.


3/22/13 @ 3:15pm (PCT4) – 2400 BLOCK OF SPRING RAIN = The Ravinia Apts. – The complainant stated two unknown suspects entered his residence with a firearm and removed property without consent.


3/22/13 @ 5:48pm (HCSO) – 18400 Block ELLA BLVD – Warrant Arrest

These are only the major incidents that we felt necessary to include in this report.

Again, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for being a member of our site. We want to hear from you. Please always be willing to leave feedback for us. That is what will improve our site and procedures we currently follow. Our goal is to have 3,000 members by the end of 2013.




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