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Tropical Development In Gulf Of Mexico Ahead?



Spring, Texas – May 31st, 2017 (TheWeatherNetwork): After a wet spring the past few weeks in Texas, the ground is saturated in the Deep South, and the area will continue to get more rain all week long. This constant unsettled weather could actually affect our weather pattern into next week in the Gulf.

This rainy activity will cause temperatures to become cooler (due to the lack of sunlight with clouds) and this will set up higher pressure than normal.

This high pressure will enhance convergence over the Gulf, where air will pile up and cause more clouds and thunderstorms in the Gulf Of Mexico. Additionally, we will see an upper-level trough move in by the weekend and this could act as an additional forcing – or ‘lifting’ – mechanism, making the environment more conducive for development.

This will not be spontaneous but could gradually become something of interest to watch into next week. If this becomes somewhat organized we could see a storm form over the Gulf and bring in heavy tropical downpours into next week.

Will the system be named? Will it even become a tropical depression?

Whether or not that happens, this should be a system to watch for Gulf Coast residents. The wind will not be what this storm is remembered for either way; it will be the rainfall rates. We could see widespread coastal flooding over the already-saturated region if the model forecast verifies.


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