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Texans Have Until April 14 to Renew Vehicle Title And Registration; Pandemic Grace Period Comes to End



Spring, Texas – Back on March 16, 2020, Gov. Abbott signed an order to waive several vehicle-related requirements. Now, after more than a year, that waiver is coming to an end.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles issued a statement explaining that past April 14, 2021, law enforcement is once again able to issue citations to anyone with an expired vehicle registration.

After a year-long pandemic-related grace period, Texas motorists will have to update their vehicle registration or face a penalty.

To do so, they can update their vehicle registration online, via mail, or in person. Updating your vehicle registration online is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Texans who renew online will save $1 – but you can only use this option if you’re up to nine months past the expiration date. Those who are unable or unwilling to update their vehicle registration online can do so via mail. Remember, you must allow a certain amount of time for mail delivery and processing. If neither the internet nor mail are available options for you, you can update your vehicle registration in person. Where and how to do it varies depending on each county; check with your local county tax office to figure out the details.

What did the waiver cover throughout the pandemic? Vehicle registration (including initial registration and renewal) and titling. It also included the renewal of disabled parking placards and temporary permits.

Even though Gov. Abbott extended the initial order several times throughout the pandemic, the Texas DMV has been crystal clear about not having another grace period for those who don’t have a current registration receipt or a registration sticker.


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