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Suspects Wanted After Brutally Attacking Man Outside Spring Gas Station



Spring, Texas – Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office are seeking your help to identify the suspects who brutally attacked a man outside of a Spring gas station on Sunday.

The incident occurred on Sunday, June 14, 2020, around 7:00 PM at the Exxon located at the corner of Oakwood Glen Blvd and Deer Creek Dr. Video shows a group of black males approach a man in the parking lot and begin violently beating and kicking him.

According to reports, the victim told investigators that he was waiting to buy items at the convenience store when a group of six young men tried to cut in line. The victim told the men that “There’s a line for a reason,” and that the men began to mock the victim’s hair and clothes. When the victim exited the store, the attack occurred.

The victim claims that the fifth attacker, seen exiting the store in a white shirt near the end of the video, kicked him in the face and yelled, “Black lives matter, b****.”

The victim suffered minor injuries and refused medical treatment, according to deputies.

According to the victim’s girlfriend who spoke with KTRK, “I really hope they’re caught before someone else gets hurt. I hope that the people take this and don’t say, ‘It’s white against black.’ I don’t want this to be the statement. I want it to be, ‘here’s a man who was checking out and stood up for himself and he was targeted for that.'”

Anyone with information on the attack is urged to contact Crime Stoppers or HCSO Investigators at 713-274-9100.

⚠️ WARNING: This video contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.


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