Springhappenings.com Press Release: April 2014

Spring Happenings Members,

Over the past 2 years we have had the honor and privilege to provide you with breaking news in the Spring area. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of members joining our site each and every day.

Recently we were approached by the Houston Chronicle, who has been watching our site since it’s beginning. After long discussions and negotiations we have come to an agreement to release our site to the chronicle.

Springhappenings.com is now a subsidiary of the Houston Chronicle effective today.

As a viewer you are encouraged to stay and continue being an active member in our community.

We thank you in advance for all of the support you will give us during this transition.

“An informed community, is a good community. ”

(If you have made it this far then I would recommend checking your calendar. It’s April 1st you goofball. We aren’t going anywhere! :). )