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Spring Woman Advertises Post Divorce Garage Sale On Craigslist; “DIVORCE GARAGE SALE – Get him out of my life!!!”



Spring, Texas – February 9th, 2018: A Spring woman that recently finalized her divorce has taken Craigslist to advertise her post-divorce garage sale happening this weekend in the Legends Run Subdivision.

The craigslist ad has gone viral, and screenshots have been shared countless times across social media. The ad titled “DIVORCE GARAGE SALE – Get him out of my life!!!!” has since been flagged and removed from Craigslist. The woman stated she has finally divorced her “worthless, cheating, abusive husband” after “two long years”.

“So, SATURDAY, February 10th is it. The “freedom from (expletive)” garage sale.  If you’ve EVER been completely screwed over by an ex, PLEASE come support my garage sale and help me get rid of this (expletive) so I can move on with my life.”

Some of the items for sale include a living room set, TONS of kids games and toys, “They mostly belonged to my kids, but easily could have been his since the maturity levels are about the same :)”, Playstation and an Xbox and even his grandmother’s silverware. “Because he deserves it.”

“Come stop by. Buy something. Support moving forward and getting rid of (expletive). Or just get a great deal on a couch. Think of it as a party and THIS is YOUR personal invite!”

“This is happening soon. This Saturday from 7:30 AM until I need a nap… so maybe 2ish?”

Since the ad has been removed from Craigslist, we have opted out of sharing the address listed in the ad. Look for garage sale signs near the Legends Run neighborhood off of Rayford road that may lead you to the treasure! The full Craigslist ad is below for your viewing pleasure.

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