Photo: Pictured left to right, Humberto Moreno and Jason Cooper.

Spring, Texas – Scorching summer heat in Texas is nothing new. Jason and Chelsey Cooper experienced that firsthand last week when the air conditioning in their home suddenly quit working. When Jason realized his usually cool home of 73 degrees was up to 82 degrees by morning, he knew something was wrong. 

Jason and Chelsey moved to the area in October from the Midwest with their family of three little girls. When the oldest daughter was born, Chelsey experienced hemorrhagic pneumonia and as a result, has fibrosis on her lungs. On top of that, Jason, having no idea he had diabetes, went into a coma due to diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious complication of diabetes. 

With concern for the health of his family, Jason knew something had to be done quickly to manage the heat in their house. He contacted his landlord who sent a company out to repair the A/C. Unfortunately, he was told they didn’t have the necessary parts to fix it. At this point, the temperature inside the home was 99 degrees. Not having any family in the area to help out, Jason turned to the “Spring Community Talk” Facebook group

Humberto Moreno was scrolling through his Facebook feed when a picture of a thermostat popped up reading 94 degrees. That’s what drew his attention first. As Humberto and his wife discussed purchasing an air conditioner for the Cooper family, a comment was posted by Ann Berndt indicating she had an in-wall A/C that Jason could use. That’s when these two complete strangers joined forces to help Jason’s family. Humberto said, “Tonight, a person was in need, and I had the means to lend a helping hand.”

Ann was unable to deliver the A/C unit due to recent back surgery. Humberto volunteered to pick it up from Anne and deliver it to Jason. “We’ve had repeated A/C issues, primarily in the hottest part of the summer, and it is miserable. We had the in-wall A/C unit and didn’t think twice about offering to help,” Ann said.

Thanks to the combined efforts of these good samaritans, Jason and his family had the air conditioner in less than an hour. “It’s comforting to know that there are still plenty of people that are willing to help in whatever way they can,” Jason said.

In a year where things have been turned upside down, it’s humbling to know there are amazing people out there willing to help others.