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Spring ISD’s Annual Rodeo Art Show Goes Virtual



Featured Image Credit: Spring ISD Rodeo Art Show

Spring, Texas – Every year, Spring ISD hosts a Rodeo Art Show for all district students. Unfortunately, an in-person event was not possible this year. However, organizers were able to transition to a virtual setting for the second year in a row.

The yearly tradition starts in the fall of the school year when students begin creating their rodeo art pieces. In January, students submit their completed artwork to the district’s administration building. A panel of judges then reviews the artwork for originality, creativity, and artistic skill.

Rodeo Art submissions can go on to the NRG Stadium as part of the ‘s next level competition’s next level. Additionally, various students can receive scholarships and awards for their work due to the art show’s exposure and popularity.

This year, over 500 students submitted artwork to the district’s virtual art show. Out of the 500, the judges selected 45 students to compete in the next level of competition. Regardless of placement, the district will feature all 500+ pieces of artwork on the virtual show.

The art show’s judges selected Spring High School senior Ruth Hardy’s piece, titled “The Chicken Whisperer,” for the Best of Show award. Furthermore, the panel chose him to participate in the Houston Show & Rodeo art auction.

The virtual alternative has proved to have numerous benefits. First, those who don’t live in the area of Spring can still appreciate and view the artwork from the comfort of their home. Furthermore, the district included short video messages from the participating artists for a unique behind-the-scenes look of the painting.

The virtual art show is available to the public until April 8.

Click here to visit the district’s virtual art show. 


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