Spring High School Brawl Prompts Campus-Wide Lockdown

Spring, Texas – Large fights broke out at Spring High School on Thursday, September 23, requiring multiple school administrators and police officers to intervene and briefly halting the school’s regular operations.

The fights took place in the school cafeteria and involved numerous students. Cell phone footage showed a chaotic and crowded scene with adults struggling to control the brawl. During and immediately after the fights the campus was closed down and typical school day activities and classes were put on hold, though once order was restored students returned to their classes and continued learning.

Principal James Golden sent an email to parents and students acknowledging the altercation and outlining the school’s response. Consequences for those involved have not been disclosed, but the email states, “We take these issues very seriously as the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. All students involved in the altercation will be subject to the full extent of disciplinary actions available. There will be no tolerance for any altercations or disruptions to learning.”

Golden’s email described new expectations for students that are effective immediately and “non-negotiable.” The guidelines state that students will receive out-of-school suspension for remaining in the halls after the five-minute passing period, having earbuds or cell phones visible in classrooms or hallways, and refusing to comply with reasonable requests from adults. Additionally, teachers will not be giving passes to leave class during the first and last 15 minutes of class.

The email also states that “Any substantial disruptions or fighting will result in immediate assignment to the district’s disciplinary alternative education program or DAEP and their parents or guardians will be contacted to take them home.”

The cause of the altercation has not been made known and the school administration did not answer questions from Spring Happenings regarding the number of students involved, if any students or staff were injured, if any students were taken into custody by Spring ISD police, and if action will be taken at the district level to address the incident.

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