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Friday, June 18, 2021
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Kids being watched at bus stop

Do you remember almost a year ago when a male was reported approaching kids and women off of ella? Well he is back again in Cypresswood again.

You can read all of the comments on our facebook page here…

June 26, 2012: A friend of mine was walking back down cypresswood this morning after an run/walk on ella and this heavy set man of Indian decent walked right up to her and she took her headphones off .& he says”your ….and ….are so fine do you want to do some porn?” She yelled at him, then jumped in front of this tree trimming truck and stopped them to tell someone what he had said. The man started running to his car & got in it & took off- a silver Toyota. He was parked on cypresswood drive. Apparently a similar I incident happened with this guy last week in our neighborhood. Please warn your kids & neighbors!! The police are patrolling our area to look for him.

June 28, 2012: I just found out tonight that a 14 year old teenage girl was approached by the same man as my friend (see previous post) on the same day (Tuesday), around 5:00 p.m. The guy was at Snowood & Cypresswood Drive (the same place he was parked that morning)… & was trying to entice her/get her to come to his car. Fortunately she kept running & went safely back home. If you see this man or an old beat up silver Toyota parked on Cypresswood Drive, please take a picture or note the tags & call it in to the police!

Well today we received reports from another Cypresswood resident that he was back in the neighborhood.

March 19, 2013: Last summer we had a problem with a heavyset guy, dark hair, dark skin (maybe Pacific Islander) driving an old beat up silver Toyota car. Well, he is back! I spotted him today on Snowwood Drive right off of Cypresswood Drive. He had his window down and was trying to get the attention of a child who had just stepped off the school bus (Haude bus) at El James and Snowwood. This child was oblivious to what was going on so I stopped my car and had a stare down with the guy for a few short seconds. He abruptly drove off heading north on Snowwood. I made sure the child got to his home safely but was late to pick up my own otherwise I would have followed him. Please be on the look out for this guy. He is definitely up to no good.

Cypresswoods HCSO contract deputy has already been notified. Everyone please keep an eye out for this vehicle. Call 9-1-1 immediately and get a license plate number and a picture of the vehicle. Let’s all work together and get this guy of the road and in jail where he belongs.

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