Rendering Released For Champions Stormwater Detention Basin After Flood Control District Purchases Raveneaux Country Club

Spring, Texas – In January, the Harris County Flood Control District finalized the purchase of Raveneaux Country Club which sits on the banks of the Cypress Creek watershed. The land purchase was the first step in converting the property into a stormwater detention basin.

Located at 9415 Cypresswood Drive, the district paid $11.5 million for the 27.6-acre plot of land, which includes the clubhouse, driving range, and recreational facilities.

The Flood Control District has begun discussions with the Cypress Forest Public Utility District regarding an agreement to acquire the remaining 200+ acre golf course.

Funding for this acquisition will come from the 2018 Harris County Flood Control District Bond Project F-20, Cypress Creek Right-of-Way Acquisition and Floodplain Preservation.

“The Flood Control District realizes that community interest in this matter is very high. At this time, project specifics have not been determined. The Flood Control District will have community engagement meetings to solicit input and ideas about the future project.”


This video rendering presents one possible example of how the Champions Stormwater Detention Basin could be designed and built. It illustrates a basin with multiple wet-bottom stormwater detention compartments, a forested buffer along Cypresswood Drive, and post-construction trails added by recreational sponsors. This is only one preliminary concept; the Flood Control District has made no decisions about the actual basin design. The Flood Control District does not build recreational projects. No formal commitment for recreational amenities has been made by a third-party trail sponsor.

The Flood Control District has determined that the site is a suitable candidate for a stormwater detention basin. However, details about the possible capacity, footprint and engineering design of the basin depend on the results of multiple ongoing and future activities, including boundary and topographical surveys, geotechnical sampling, environmental investigations, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, and community engagement. The Flood Control District currently is conducting modeling activities as part of the initial development, or Preliminary Engineering stage, of this project.

Community Engagement is a critical component of this project. More information about activities in connection with this project will be shared with the public. No decision about the ultimate appearance and design of the Champions basin will be made without community input.

This video is offered for illustration purposes only and in response to questions about the possible future appearance of the basin. It represents one possible example among a range of options for how the basin could be designed. Please note that future decisions about features such as forested buffers, wet- or dry-bottom detention compartments, islands, and trails will impact the ultimate capacity of the basin to store stormwater, and therefore its ability to reduce flooding risks.

(Source: Harris County Flood Control District)

For more information on this flood mitigation project or to read frequently asked questions, click here to visit the Harris County Flood Control District’s website.

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