Precinct 4 Weekly Arrest Blotter: Catalytic Converters, Wanted Felons and More!

Spring, Texas – March 26, 2021 – Introducing the weekly arrest blotter for Precinct 4! Every Friday, Spring Happenings will cover underreported crimes and arrests that took place in the area. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @SpringHappenings to be the first to know when we publish!

Catalytic Converter Theft 

In the past week, Constables in Precinct 4 arrested Travis Jones and Trevon Robinson, who had stolen catalytic converters from an auto shop. Catalytic converters are a device that regulates the carbon emissions and pollutants released by a vehicle’s engine.

In recent months, the robbery of this auto part has become popular. Catalytic converters can be sold to metal dealers for large sums of money due to platinum and rhodium typically used in manufacturing. A car running without this essential piece of equipment can lead to engine failure and long-term damage to the vehicle.

Later in the week, Harris County sheriffs broke down on the theft of more converters during a traffic stop. In the attempt to flee authorities, officers discovered 32 brand-new converters in the trunk of a car. The four individuals arrested had freshly stolen all 32 converters.

Therefore, Precinct 4 authorities advise car owners to park their vehicles in well-lit, populated areas to prevent their converters’ theft. Furthermore, parking in a private garage can drastically reduce the risk of theft.

Suspect with 21 Open Warrants Causes Major Vehicle Crash

On March 23, authorities responded to reports of a significant vehicle crash on the 18900 block of the North Freeway. While investigating, officers determined Robert Harvey was the driver at fault.

After arrest, Harvey’s record showed he had 21 open warrants in his name. The warrants included theft, illegal dumping, and traffic violations. He was sent to Harris County Jail immediately for all his 21 open warrants.

Indecent Exposure

On March 21, a Seargent responded to reports of indecent exposure on Dickson Park Drive. Witnesses reported Roy Chong was exposing himself and acting in vulgar manners.

Authorities arrested and charged Chong for indecent exposure. Later, officers set his bond at $100 at Harris County Jail.

Intoxicated Driver Steals Vehicle

On March 24, Precinct 4 authorities received reports of a suspicious vehicle at a local Home Depot. Officers discovered a truck stuck in the retention pond of the store upon arrival. Benjamin Polhemus, who was driving the car, showed signs of intoxication. Standard field sobriety tests proved that Polhemus intoxicated himself with an unknown substance.

Then, officers learned that Polhemus had stolen the vehicle in Hondo, Texas. Officers then charged the suspect with the unauthorized use of a car and driving while intoxicated.

The Arrest of a Wanted Felon and Methamphetamine Possessor 

On March 18, customers on Treaschwig Road reported two males harassing customers. Authorities identified Matthew Synder and Eric Buveaux on the scene as the perpetrators.

Upon arrest, officers discovered Eric Buveaux had methamphetamine. Then, officers charged him with the illegal possession of a controlled substance. The 248th District Court set his bond at $2,500.

Furthermore, Matthew Synder’s record identified him as a wanted felon. First, he had an open warrant for the burglary of a habitation. Authorities also wanted him for the possession of a controlled substance. Officers charged him for both crimes. The 178th District Court set his bond at $70,000 for both charges.

Wanted Felon Detained While Evading from Authorities

Last week, Precinct 4 officers responded to reports that a suspect was running into traffic. The criminal, later identified as Romeo Cantu, was intoxicated and refused to comply with authorities. Ignoring all verbal commands, he began evading from the scene. Deputies used tasers to stop the suspect and arrest him.

Then, officers discovered Cantu had two warrants out for his name. Constables had issued his first warrant for felony forgery. His second warrant was for misdemeanor theft. Officers on the scene arrested and charged Cantu for evading on foot in addition to the open warrants. County Court 13 set his bond at $1,000 for the crimes.

Discharge of a Firearm in a Residential Neighborhood 

On March 21, deputies responded to the report of an individual firing shots into the air. Witnesses reported seeing the suspect driving down Foxwood Glen Lane. The deputies pulled over Joshua Johnson and began their investigation.

Johnson had struck two parked cars when firing shots while driving. Furthermore, the deputies found several shell caskets in the road and the loaded weapon inside Johnson’s car. Constables charged him with the discharge of a firearm in a residential neighborhood. Country Court 13 set his bond at just $100.

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