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Ocean’s 8 Movie Review: Cool Criminals, Capers, and Costumes



Warning: light spoilers ahead.

Everything goes smoothly in director Gary Ross’ first heist flick. And that might be its only shortcoming.

Sandra Bullock leads a star-studded cast as criminal mastermind Debbie Ocean in the newest addition to the franchise, which was previously commanded by George Clooney.

Audiences quickly learn that she has spent over five years stuck in prison.

This was apparently the perfect amount of time to plan a con which conveniently doubles as revenge against the man who put her there in the first place.

After getting out on good behavior, Ocean wastes only a little time shopping (okay, shoplifting) before running around Manhattan to assemble her ragtag crew with fellow con-artist Lou (the criminally well-dressed Cate Blanchett).

The target is 150 million dollars in the form of a Cartier necklace.

The team includes Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Paulson, and Awkwafina.

That makes seven, for those of you keeping track.

Ocean’s Eight is completed by Anne Hathaway, who steals the show as an over-the-top entitled version of herself.

It is on her neck that the Cartier bling rests.

Busy planning their heist, our cons have little time to bond, but manage a few friendly quips.

The all-female crew also takes advantage of a society in which women are regularly underestimated to pull off the high stakes caper.

No one suspects them except an insurance investigator played believably enough by late night host James Corden.

But it is their almost uninterrupted success which undermines the pace of the film.

While there are very few scenes during which to clutch your armrest, the wardrobes and set design alone might take your breath away.

After all, the heist takes place at The Met during its annual gala, the theme of which is ‘European Royalty’ and all the crown jewels and extravagant fashion which accompany it are on display.

For fans of the original Ocean’s films, there are a few nods and cameos to enjoy.

The movie’s tagline is “Every con has its pros” and there is no disappointment in the casting decisions.

Each celebrity perfectly embodies their character’s archetype, whether it be Rihanna’s cryptic hacker or Sarah Paulson’s perfect unassuming-soccer-mom-with-a-shady-past.

We only wish that the clever con artists had more opportunities to prove their improvisation skills, although the lack of close calls could be considered proof that they really are pros.

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