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Spring High School Stabbing -1 Dead, MULTIPLE VICTIMS



Disclamer: has gathered all of our information from public sources. All up to the minute updates were obtained from a public 9-1-1 radio feed via

SPRING, TX – Cypress Creek EMS and Spring Fire Department have been called to the scene of Spring High School in Northwest Harris County. Officials are not giving much information but we do know that there are multiple students that have been injured.

A student who would like to remain anonymous tells us

My friend and I were walking down the hall. We turned around after hearing a lot of yelling. There was a huge circle around another student. After he ran out of the circle, we noticed blood on the ground. He stood right next to me up against a wall. He fell out and started bleeding everywhere. All of the teachers were standing around him, I tried to help by getting all of the other students away but the teachers picked him up and rushed him to the nurse’s office.

All these fights just started breaking out. I don’t know who the attacker was so I can’t tell you that. There were about 4 other fights that kept occurring as they moved throughout the school.

The student also tells us that this incident occurred in the upper foyer of the cafeteria by the attendance room.



7:28am: Spring Fire crews just requested the launch of a helicopter and a second ambulance.

7:30am – Per the scanner it is reported that District 51 has one DOS. (Death on the scene)

7:38am – Memorial Hermann Lifelight 4 is enroute to the scene – Approx 16 or 17 Year Old Male patient to be transported by helicopter. Reporting stable condition at this time with a possible laceration to the liver.

7:38am: Lifeflight arriving on the scene. Landing on the feeder road of Interstate 45 North.

7:39am: Lifeflight reported safe on the ground.

7:40am: First Hand Pictures coming into our Inbox:











7:47am: Lifeflight has left the scene and is enroute to the hospital with 1 patient.

7:47am: Emergency Ministries pastor has just arrived on the scene.

8:15am: Not much radio traffic at this point and time. Fire Department units starting to clear the scene of the incident.

9:00am: Another ambulance has been requested.

9:51am: School officials are releasing very little information. All of SpringHappenings information has been gathered from first hand witnesses and the radio scanner.

10:03am: The following email was sent out to parents from the administration of Spring ISD

This is an important message from Spring High School. Based on a preliminary report, a fight occurred this morning in the cafeteria. There has been one fatality and three students have been transported to hospitals with injuries. All other students are safe in their classrooms and will remain there while the investigation continues. Students will be released as soon as we have been given permission from the investigating authorities. We will call you again as soon as we have more details.

10:28am: Harris County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed one death in the Spring High School stabbing incident.

10:32am: Patient that was transported by helicopter is now in critical condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

10:53am: Spring High School student now reported to be in “good” condition per Memorial Hermann Hospital.

11:00am: Press conference in progress. Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Spring ISD Police Chief Victor Mitchell and Spring ISD Superintendent Dr. Ralph Draper reports-

  • (2 students with minor injuries have been transported to Houston Northwest Medical Center, 1 student transported by helicopter to Memorial Herman Hospital and is currently in surgery, 1 17 Year Old student confirmed deceased)
  • 3 persons of interest have been detained and are in custody at the Harris County Investigative Headquarters
  • There is some information that the incident was gang-related, but that is still under investigation
  • School is still on lockdown. Students are in classroom safe with the staff.
  • Students to be released from school at approx noon on the back of the school.
  • Potential witnesses will be held for the investigation process
  • Upon notification of the incident Spring ISD had 2 priorities: (1) – Re-establish a safe and secure environment for the rest of the 3000 students in the school. (2) School administration to not disrupt the criminal investigation or the crime scene.
  • The weapons used in this incident have not yet been recovered.
  • Grief counselors are on campus working with the students and will be available for the next several days.

2:40pm: I just got off of a phone interview with a Spring High School student. This student witnessed the fight first hand. He wishes to stay anonymous.

The student tells us that after he witnessed the stabbing he ran to tell school officials.

I ran to a principle and told her someone had been stabbed but she didn’t believe me. The principle said “stabbings don’t happen at Spring High School.” I kept telling her someone had been stabbed and finally they came running. It took forever for them to call 9-1-1.

There is no way we are going back to school tomorrow. The body is still laying in the cafeteria with a white sheet over it. There is blood all over our school, the walls are covered. Every single police agency you can think of is here. The Texas Rangers, FBI, Spring ISD Police, Cyfair ISD Police, Harris County Sheriffs and the Constables Office.

The student tells us that this was definitely a gang fight.

The name of the gang was the ‘brown pride’ but I can’t remember the name of the other one involved. There was a fight between the two gangs yesterday after school and then this happened today. There were so many people arrested today, not only people involved in the stabbing but other fights just started breaking out. As I was leaving the school after talking to detectives another fight broke out in the parking lot. This is just crazy.


6:20pm: It is reported that Spring High School students will not return to school until Monday September 9th.

A vigil is scheduled for today September 4th at 7pm at Spring Baptist Church – 1027 Spring Cypress Road in Spring.

A student I spoke with stated

I will not be going to the vigil because it’s just another place for a fight or stabbing to occur.

6:30pm: Spring ISD just released the following statement on their website.

We will not hold classes for Spring High School students on Thursday, Sept. 5 and Friday, Sept. 6. Spring High School students will return to school on Monday, Sept. 9.

Crisis counselors will be available to assist students and additional security will be on campus as needed.

We are setting up an information phone line that parents can call with questions for the school. The information line will be available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 5 and Friday, Sept. 6. The information phone number to call is 281-891-6575.

If anyone has information about the crime, they should call Harris County Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477). Sheriff Adrian Garcia urges the public to share any tips about the attack with the Sheriff’s Office and Crime Stoppers of Houston. That can be done anonymously through the iWatchHarrisCounty smart phone app.

9:00pm:  Seventeen-year old stabbing suspect Luis Alonzo Alfaro of Spring has been officially charged with this mornings stabbing at Spring High School. He has initially been charged with murder.  Additional charges are expected.  Alfaro has admitted to the stabbing.

Anyone with information about those involved with the stabbing, what weapons were used or where the weapons are should call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-755-6044 or the Crime Stoppers tip line at 713-222-TIPS.


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