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Mother and Daughter Violently Chased in Car, for Miles



Spring, TX – April 22, 2015:  A very scary situation for a mother and daughter, last night.  Please read the following statement from an anonymous viewer who wanted to share this story so everyone can be aware and on the lookout.

“Tonight my daughter and I were on our way home from a baseball game.  We turned into the neighborhood via Sorrel Ridge from Louetta. Fairly quickly the right lane ends.  I noticed a car staying in that right lane. But it was far enough behind me that I new he wasn’t going to collide with me.  So, he pulled behind me as we approached the stop sign.  I waited for the car in front of me to pull away from the stop sign and then I stopped.   At that time the car behind me pulled over to the left and swerved around me, running the stop sign.  His driving was erratic.  So, I hung back. He violently swung from left to right. Then he stopped at the stop sign at Coltwood.  Well, this is my way home and I didn’t assume this was going to be an issue.  So, he turned right onto Coltwood and I did too.  He turned left on to Cypress Spring and I did too.  Again, this was my way home.  He went straight on Cypress Spring heading towards Cypresswood drive, so I thought. So, I pulled on to my street, Chapel Square pulled over and called 911.  As he sped towards Cypresswood I could see him almost crash twice.  Then I lost site of him.  While on the phone with the dispatcher I saw the car, an older model (80’s) black cadillac with a trunk that won’t close and was being held down with bungee cords, speed past my street.  And then he sped past again.  Then a minute or so later he came down my street and pulled up behind me.  I didn’t wait to see what he was going to do.  So I slowly crept forward until I was speeding towards Tall Cypress to Cypressdale and then onto Kuykendahl.  I headed south on Kuykendahl.  I ran every stop sign, as did the black car.  I stayed in my left lane on Kuykendahl so he wouldn’t have a good shot at me.  My daughter was lying on the floor board in the back seat.  I ducked as he passed me.  I breathed a sign of relief until he pulled into the Music Rack and seemingly did a uturn to come at me again!!! I didn’t wait to see where he went. I flew to precinct 4 all the while on the phone with the 911 dispatcher.  I met the police at precinct 4.  I gave them the license plate, same as I’d given it to the dispatcher, DRZ 0230.  The officer confirmed it was a black cadillac but it was registered in Alvin. He said he would be in pursuit.  I left my vehicle at the police station and had my husband pick up my daughter and I. I’m not sure what all of it was about.  I hope I never know.  But for everyone…PLEASE be very alert to your surroundings!!!!!  I’m not sure what I did that made this person chase me down, I supposed I came to a full stop at a stop sign.  Regardless, I should have turned on a different street when I first felt something was amiss.”

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