Spring, TX:  This incident occurred on Friday September 27th, 2013 around 11:05pm at the Dairy Queen, located at 6810 Louetta Rd.


We would like to share with you a story that we came across on Facebook.  Spring Happenings reached out to the victim and she gave us permission to re-post her statement, however she wishes to stay anonymous.  In the following statement you will find that we have removed or **** out all names to protect the privacy of the victim.

Last night was the scariest night of my life. I’ve been trying to find the words to tell everyone all day. I feel everyone needs to know how close to home this can hit. So here it goes… After the game last night we stayed at the stadium late visiting with family like we always do. Then my daughter and I decided to get something to eat in the area while we waited to pick up ***** from eating with her friends. We went to DQ on Louetta close to Stuebner Airline. The dining room was closed but the drive thru and outside eating area was open. So we decided to have a picnic… One of my daughter’s favorite things to do. I’m always very aware of my surroundings and decided to park where I could see my car from where we were sitting in the outside courtyard. It was across the parking lot from us but in a well lit area and I had backed in so I could easily leave if I needed to. (Always thinking ahead) We ate, talked and even posted on FB about the great game. As I hit send on that post, a white cargo type van pulled in on my left side with the window down and a big, white male in his 30’s wearing a dark blue shirt and a dark hat of some sort in the driver’s seat. His stare was cold and at that second my gut told me we needed to get out of there. I looked at my daughter and said in my stern but calm voice “****** we have to leave right now. Grab your stuff and stay right beside me.” She instantly knew something was wrong and started doing what I said. She asked what was wrong and I told her “It is going to be okay but I need you to listen to me and do exactly what I say.” At that time the van circled around to my right and he was still starring at us. We began moving quickly towards the exit to my left and I told my daughter “If I tell you to run, you run as fast as you can to the car, get in and lock the doors.” The van sped around to the exit where we were. It came to a screeching halt on my left side (thinking my car was to the left by the entrance I’m sure instead of across the parking lot) He was trying to block us from our car. The man was grabbing at his door and I saw the hat he was wearing was actually a beanie/ski mask type that he had pulled up. At that point I yelled at my daughter to RUN and she did. I positioned myself between her and the van with the man getting out and ran behind her. She did exactly what I asked and I got in right after her, started the car and took off as he was still trying to get to us. We got away, drove a few miles and called the police. He was gone when they got there of course. My daughter was shaking, terrified and I was too but trying to stay strong for her. I’m sure he thought I was an easy target because I’m still in the boot and shouldn’t be able to run fast. He obviously didn’t take into account that a stupid boot isn’t going to slow me down and keep me from protecting my daughter. I keep thinking that if certain things were different, the outcome could have been devastating. Had I not been paying attention to my surroundings, had my daughter not listened and done exactly what I said, had I parked by the door instead of under the light… The outcome would have been tragic. I don’t know what he was after… my daughter, me or both. I didn’t have my purse or my wallet… Only a phone. I know better than to make myself a target. But I am also the person who has no problem going to the store late at night by myself or being out on my own. That has definitely changed! These things are happening everywhere and you cannot be too cautious. I hope this never happens to anyone you know or love. I hope my story will help every one to think twice, be aware and don’t take unnecessary chances. We were lucky. I am forever changed with a new amount of fear in my heart and mind because of this evil man. We had angels looking out for us last night for sure! I won’t take our safety for granted again.

-Anonymous Facebook User-

Suspect & Vehicle Descriptions:

He was a white male in his 30’s, large build. White cargo van with thin, very hard to read writing on the lower driver’s side.

As soon as information becomes available, we will be sure to update you.