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Montgomery County Judge Pleads Guilty to DWI; Sentenced to 90 Day License Suspension and $2,000 Fine



The Woodlands, Texas – Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough had pleaded guilty to Driving While Intoxicated after a September 10th, 2020 crash in The Woodlands.

Keough was arrested in early December after a warrant was issued by Texas DPS Troopers.

According to officials with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, Keough pleaded guilty Wednesday. He was sentenced a 90-day suspension of his drivers license and a $2,000 fine.

“Like many citizens of Montgomery County in a similar situation, Mr. Keough, through his plea of guilty, has accepted responsibility for the charge” said Mike Holley, First Assistant – Montgomery County District Attorney.

Keough posted a video statement to Facebook Wednesday afternoon taking full responsibility for the September 2020 incident. He says that no alcohol was involved but rather a doctor prescribed sleep aid. Keough says that he was unaware of the lingering effects of the medication.

Listen to his statement below.


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