Harris County PCT 4 deputies were searching a house for a stolen truck with lo-jack tuesday when they noticed a strong odor coming from the residence next door. PCT4 obtained a search warrant from the county judge. When deputies entered the house they were amazed what they had found.

“It’s very elaborate, it has upscale lighting and humidifiers and everything you would need to grow in an optimum way,” said Lt. David Escobar.

Deputies found approximately $500,000 worth of marijuana in this Spring home. Along with the illegal drugs deputies said they also found over 2 dozen illegal immigrants.

As of the writing of this article PCT 4 has yet to release the address or neighborhood of this grow house. We are attempting to get more information from deputies and will update you when new information comes available.

UPDATE: This turned out to be in Houston Tx. The correct address is 1100 block of Sawgrass Ridge Ln off of East Richey.