Spring, Texas – Small business owners, Chantal Cashi and her husband Larry, were recently the victims of theft.

The couple owns Palava Family Entertainment, which is located at 3240 Spring Cypress Road and has been in business for three years. After returning home from vacation, Chantal headed back to work and left her purse inside of an office where $1,200 in cash was stolen from her purse.

On July 1, she realized that the money was gone. “As soon as I noticed the money was missing, we came straight back down here that evening and we went through the video,” Cashi told KTRK.

Surveillance footage from the cameras picked up on some suspicious activity that occurred on June 30. Footage captured a man, woman, and child walk into the business when nobody was at the front desk. Cashi says she had gone into the back to help with a large food order.

The footage then caught the man walking behind the front desk and poking his head into an office clearly marked, “employees only.”

The man walks back out approximately 20 seconds later.

“He had no business being in my office,” Cashi said. “This is actually a family who has been at Palava previously.”

The owners reported the incident to police. Deputies explained that since there is no actual footage of the man stealing the money he cannot be arrested. Photos of the alleged suspects have been blurred since no charges have been filed.