Klein ISD Releases Health Screening Guidelines and Face Mask Requirements for 2020-21 School Year

Spring, Texas –  Klein ISD released an update on Aug. 28 regarding their plans for COVID-19 reporting and contact tracing as the district works to reopen schools safely for the 2020-21 school year. They opened their doors yesterday for an On-Campus simulation before the start of school on Sept. 8.

During the simulation, students and staff were able to experience and learn about the new health and safety procedures for the upcoming school year. The new protocols include required daily health screenings, deep cleaning, face masks, contact tracing and COVID 19 reporting.

Daily Health Screenings

All students and staff participating in on-campus learning are required to conduct daily COVID-19 health screening at home before coming to school. THe district supplied a list of symptoms. Any student who exhibits any symptoms should not come to campus and should follow their online schedule.

Deep Cleaning

The district is implementing deep cleaning of the schools and buses daily. They will also be providing additional cleaning supplies for classrooms, as well as hand sanitizer stations on each campus.

Face Masks

All staff and students are required to wear face masks while on Klein ISD property, including buses, hallways and other common areas. While students and staff are not required to wear masks during vigorous activity, they will wear masks when not actively engaged in such activities. 

Contact Tracing and COVID-19 Reporting

All Klein ISD administrators and nurses are trained in reporting and contact tracing. All families in the district will be notified of any cases of COVID-19 if a student tests positive. If a student comes in close contact with an individual who has contracted COVID-19, a phone call will be made to the students family. 

If a student is off campus and contracts COVID-19, parents are required to fill out an online form to report the case. You can click here to find the online form.

For more information, you can ask questions and access Klein ISD’s comprehensive FAQs by visiting https://support.kleinisd.net. 


Photo Credit: Dr. Jenny McGown – Klein ISD Superintendent, Facebook


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