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KISD Superintendent Bret Champion Responds To Petition To Delay Start of School



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Spring, Texas – September 4th, 2017: Klein ISD Superintendent Bret Champion released the following statement Monday evening after a group petitioned delaying school reopening. Spring Happenings commends Dr. Champion for his understanding and compassion for the families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Dear Klein ISD Community,

I have recently received some questions regarding the opening of school this week and would like to take this opportunity to address our community.

First, my sincere thanks to so many in our community who have helped families respond to the flooding. Having seen the destruction in our community first-hand over the last week, it is heartbreaking that people in our community have suffered so much loss.

I completely understand that there are mixed opinions about returning to school this week. Yesterday, we released a short video explaining the decision to open our doors. That video is available here if you would like to watch it.

As a school system, we asked ourselves what our next steps should be, and after much conversation and consideration decided that opening school was the best way to help our community. We can offer our students a safe and stable environment this week, including a place where every student can get a hot breakfast and lunch. We also have a caring team of counselors, nurses, and school psychologists on every campus available to serve and support our students’ needs.

Additionally, in reaching out to our teachers throughout the recovery efforts, we learned that over 4,200 of them can return to school by Wednesday. For those 132 teachers who are not yet able to return, I promise that we will continue to work with them to provide the additional time and support they need. The same is also true for our students. Any student or employee who is not able to return this week should not return, and we fully support each family impacted by the flooding in making the best decision in light of their situation. Klein ISD will not penalize, in any way, any student or employee who cannot return this week due to Harvey-related circumstances.

I fervently believe that the support, care, and help we can offer our students and families will be maximized as we come together. This decision is one that is heartfelt to ensure that the Klein family is cared for and supported, whatever the situation might be. As a district, reopening this week allows those who are ready to return the chance to do so, and provides a place of respite for all children, including those who have been most strongly impacted, if their families would like to utilize it. For those who are not able to return or feel unprepared to do so, the district continues to stand ready to assist in any way possible and will welcome our students whenever they can come back. Our students, staff, and families can count on the continued support and assistance of Klein ISD in the days to come.

Bret Champion

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