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Join Spring Happenings and local foodie’s as we help a local mom and pop burger joint



Community Foodie’s come together to help local mom and pop restaurant in need of repairs.

The Woodlands/ Spring area,Tx.  Foodie Club and Spring/Woodlands Foodie Tasting and Deals Members have come together to help a local business called Just Burgers, on Stuebner Airline @ Louetta Rd. The Foodies love the food there and the husband & wife team Ambrose and Amber Pina who own and run it. Many of us think they have the best burgers, house made pretzel buns and hand cut fries in the area. Ambrose and Amber bought Just Burgers almost three years ago on April 2nd, 2011, but after they bought it they found out that the numbers had been inflated to attract a buyer. Ambrose and Amber were already negative in their account on the day they opened and gave up their life savings to put a down payment on Just Burgers. Ambrose Pina left his good paying job as an executive Chef to open this business with his wife. Ambrose and Amber made changes to the food because they think fresh is the way to go.

Amber and I work our tail off so that we do not have to serve frozen fries, frozen rings, frozen bread and frozen beef . No chef worth the title should serve frozen food and expect good money in return”, says Ambrose.

The restaurant is in a 30-year old building and making repairs is, for them, very hard because of both lack of money and rising food costs. The Pinas can only afford two employees and their kids even have to help in the business. We just had a Foodie write a post on the Woodland/Spring area, TX Foodie Page on Facebook saying he couldn’t believe how “unclean and unkempt the place was”. Ambrose responded to the post and basically told everyone that while they did not have the money and resources to get everything done, they always pass their Food Safety and Health Inspections. I messaged Ambrose and told him we have many Foodies that want to help volunteer to help them by doing some repairs, painting and deep cleaning. I asked him for a wish list, because the Foodies do not want to see a great local business fail. I asked him to dream big, because you never know what the community and their resources can come up with. This is what he wrote:

Here you go. Well, where the soda machine is, that cabinet needs to be replaced. My wife wants drawers under the counter where the register is. A new counter top would be great and new furniture. My wife has always said that she would love to remove the ceiling tiles so it gives you feel that the dining room is bigger. I do need some plumbing done with our three compartment sink and mud sink. Touch up on the paint. A true, defined drink station with a cup dispenser. The floor in the dining hall, we have always wanted to have a concrete stained floor. A few board games for the kids. Some photos of our burgers on the wall along with other decor. Our return air motor needs a barring. A wall fan that pulls the heat out of the kitchen. A new kitchen floor. Ceiling fans. I want to get rid of the paper boats that we use to some kind heavy duty plastic boat. We were doing that, but people would throw them away. Our shake station needs a new cabinet or have stainless added to it. Our ice cream fridge would look pretty cool in stainless. New rubber gaskets for our refrigeration units. Our sign out side needs to be cleaned. Our sign in front of Klein does not light up and to be busy everyday with people paying with cash!! So, this is my wish list. Next Sunday it is

I talked to Ambrose because I know how much they have given to the community. I asked him what they were involved in and this is what he said:

Just Burgers, wants to be a part of the community. With just two employees, they contribute $35,000 back in to the community. They are able to do that because we are able to pay them. We have held numerous fundraisers for prison ministries and Toys for Christmas. We have surrounding schools with spirit nights and have done all we can for the girls basketball teams at Klein. I have volunteered two days a week with Klein’s culinary classes. That alone was the highlight of my week. Amber and I were then able to donate over 40 chef jackets to the class with the help of Cintas.

We have a long ways to go but we are willing and ready to do what we have to do. Our dream is to be a staple in the community. A place where we can see kids go from high school to college and then come back in with the kids. We want to see Just Burgers make it. It would tickle me to see one of my kids running the place. In our time of need the community has shared their hearts with us and we will always do what we can to make the community better.

We have about a dozen volunteers so far, lead by Eric Raines, Richard Foreman (owns Commercial Kitchen Installers of TX.) and me. Just added to this wonderful mix is a local candidate Amy Perez who is running for House District 150 who had even volunteered to help on Sunday. Her campaign is surrounded on supporting local businesses. The assistance of anyone in the community who wants to donate time, resources or money to help a business that has always helped their community would be greatly appreciated. We already had Tim Hekker, a local Foodie who believes in supporting small business, donate $500 dollars for some of the work that needs to be done, and another anonymous Foodie is giving $300. Neither of them have ever been to Just Burgers, but were willing to help where help was needed. That’s real community spirit!` Please join the Facebook pages below for more information and to volunteer, or email

Just Burgers

Address: 16724 Stuebner Airline Rd, Spring, TX 77379

Phone: (281) 251-4848


Work Party will be held this Sunday, March 16th beginning at 10am.


The Woodlands/ Spring area,Tx.  Foodie Club 


Spring/Woodlands Foodie Tasting and Deals


-Nick “Spring Foodie” Rama





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