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Injured Ponderosa Firefighter Returns To Work



Harris County, TX:  After a month of recovery, 23 year old Ponderosa Firefighter Joey Spitzenberger returns to work after he was injured at his part time job. Back in January, Spitzenberger was working a part time job at the Little York Fire Department when he was hit by a truck and pinned between two vehicles.  Spitzenberger was air lifted to Memorial Herman Hospital where he underwent treatment, he was released hours later with minor injuries.

We’re always in the face of danger and when something like this happens that is outside of the norm it challenges us as to what we can do prevent this kind of thing.”. – Fred Windisch, Fire Chief – Ponderosa Fire Department “Our firefighter family is very pleased with his recovery.  He was certainly missed and we look forward to his future contributions.  This accident adds to the list of the dangers faced by our emergency responders”

Firefighter Spitzenberger returned to work today to continue his service with the fire department.

On behalf of Spring Happenings, thank you, for all you do for this community.

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