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Houston’s Stretch of I-45 Named the Most Dangerous Road in US



Spring, Texas – Houston’s stretch of I-45 has been named the most dangerous road in the United States by Popular Mechanics. The article states that there is no specific feature of the roadway that made the road rise on the list.

Not only is I-45 the most dangerous in the United States, but it has also recently been named one of the deadliest roads worldwide. The deadliest section of I-45 runs through Houston, where there are 56.5 fatal accidents for every 100 miles of roadway.

The article said that they cannot identify a specific feature of the roadway causing the accidents, but there is another culprit: drivers. The accidents occurring on I-45 are at the fault of excessive speeder and distracted or impaired driving. Two other Texas highways are on the list, No. 5 is US-83.

As hard as it may be to stay away from your phone, drivers must remember to put their phones away, pay attention to the road and other drivers around them, drive defensively, and do not drink and drive.


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