MOST DANGEROUSTEXAS CITIES-2Spring, Texas – May 18, 2016: Have you ever wondered what Houston ranked on a list of the most dangerous Texas Cities? Look no further.

Earlier this month, Darrow Law Firm collected and analyzed data to name the safest and most dangerous cities in the good ol’ Lone Star State. The law firm analyzed cities with populations over 100,000.

The three key factors the firm looked at were crime, police presence, and community socioeconomic factors. For those factors, out of the 34 cities Houston was ranked #2 for most crime, #29 for lowest police investment, and #9 for community rank (highest risk factors).

In a violent crime breakdown, Houston had a 10.9 (per 100k) murder and homicide rate, 36.59 (per 100k) rape rate, 485.06 (per 100k) aggravated assault rate, and 458.84 (per 100k) robbery rate. Houston has the highest rate of raw crime in the state of Texas, followed by Odessa and Beaumont. Houston surprisingly doesn’t have the highest murder rate; Beaumont took the top spot on that one. Houston also ranks in the bottom third for rape; Amarillo has the top spot there.

Houston has actually started offering $5,000 to new members of the police force as an incentive for the dangerous nature and low starting pay of the job. The city ranks third in the most money going toward the police department budget per capita at $326.

Did any of these numbers surprise you? How do you think our city could help lower the violent crime rate?