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Gun Fire Breaks Out After Road Rage Incident Near Spring Cypress & I-45



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Spring, Texas – November 30th, 2017: A road rage incident ends in gunfire, leaving bullet holes in passing cars.

This all happened around 2:30 PM Thursday afternoon when two vehicles were fighting over a lane on Louetta Road. According to the victim, a vehicle attempted to cut him off multiple times while driving down Louetta. The incident escalated when they came to a stop light near the intersection of Spring Cypress and Interstate 45. The suspect exited his vehicle and both parties got into a verbal altercation. Moments later the suspect pulled out a handgun firing multiple rounds.

The suspect fled the scene and the victim followed long enough to get his license plate.

Luckily, no one was injured but officials say that a passing vehicle was also struck by a stray bullet.

The incident is being investigated by the Harris County Sheriffs Department.

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