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Former Student Minister Arrested For Online Solicitation of a Minor



28-Year-Old Timothy Jeltema was booked in the Harris County Jail for Online Solicitation of a Minor, a felony charge.

Spring, Texas – June 13th, 2018: A former Student Minister at Champion Forest Baptist Church has been arrested for online solicitation of a minor after he sent numerous nude photographs of himself to a juvenile.

On June 9th, 2018 a victim came forward to the Tomball Police Department stating she had been contacted online by a male that sent her numerous nude photos of himself over a period of several months. The suspect asked the victim to send him sexually explicit photographs and also requested to meet the girl for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity.


Investigators have identified the suspect as 28-year-old, Timothy Jeltema. Jeltema was arrested on June 12th, 2018 and booked in the Harris County jail.

Investigators say Jeltema was previously a Student Minister at Champion Forest Baptist Church. As a Student Minister, his role included attending mission trips in New Orleans, Louisiana and Panama City, Florida as well as church camp activities at Carolina Creek Christian Camp in Huntsville, Texas.

Investigators believe that Jeltema has contacted and requested sexually explicit photographs from approximately 20-25 juveniles between the ages of 14-17.

Authroities say he used the following Instagram and Snapchat accounts to communicate with the juveniels.

  • b.rice12
  • b.rice120
  • b.rice100
  • b.rice1000
  • eneeley35

If you know anyone following these accounts or juveniles who may have been contacted by the Timothy Jeltema, you’re urged to contact Detective Smith at 281-290-1315.

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