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Entergy Texas Suffers Major Power Generation Failure; New Plant Shut Off Due to Icing



Montgomery County, Texas – Nearly 80,000 Montgomery County residents are without power this morning after Entergy Texas suffered a major power generation failure.

Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough just finished a phone briefing with Entergy.

Keough says that Entergy’s western territory which encompasses everything west of the Trinity River has suffered a major generation failure. The new Montgomery County plant has been shut off due to icing. The plant is back in start up mode but is not fully restored. Additionally, two generators at the Lewis Creek facility also suffered shut downs due to instrumentation failure.

Entergy has confirmed to Keough that there are no power line distribution issues and the outages are due to plant failure.

Residents are asked to continue conserve as much energy as possible to allow the grid to stabilize.

These outages are in addition to the Level 3 Energy Emergency Alert issued just after 1:30 AM by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). ERCOT warns Texans that rolling blackouts are in progress to conserve the integrity of the electric grid.


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