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Bernie’s Backyard Food Truck Park Closes It’s Doors



Spring, Texas – September 16th, 2017: After just two years in business, Bernie’s Backyard has officially closed their doors. The announcement came as a surprise to many when a for lease sign was placed on the property and an announcement was posted to their Facebook page.

“Bernie’s Backyard is suspending operations until further notice. The hurricane has affected our infrastructure. We appreciate all of you who have supported us. We will be closed until further notice. Thank you all!”

Although Bernie’s Backyard didn’t directly state they were closing their doors on Facebook, their staff confirmed with Spring Happenings via a direct message that they have closed the facility.

We stopped by to assess the damage to their “infrastructure” but found several perfectly standing buildings with not apparent damage to the exterior and an empty parking lot where the food trucks once parked.

Doug Powell posted a review to Google just four weeks ago saying “Bernie needs to get his act together. Friday @ 1pm and only 2 out of 5 trucks are open? And $6.50 for a draft beer??”

Bernie’s Backyard would not comment on specifics of their closing but did tell us that the property is for lease at a rate of $15,000.00 per month.



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