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Avoiding Closing Day Disasters: by Jaqui Freund, Spring Realtor®



Avoiding Closing Day Disasters
by Jaqui Freund, Spring Realtor®

You’ve found your dream home, your financing has been approved and the sellers accepted your offer.
The inspector you hired found no major defects, the sellers moved out and the closing is just four
weeks away. You start thinking about how you’d like to fill your new living spaces. For one thing, the
house doesn’t include a refrigerator…and maybe new furniture for the living room and master suite
would be nice? Perhaps even a new car to park in the garage? After all, your mortgage lender said you have excellent credit, why not use it?
Not so fast! Your lender will pull a credit check before closing and, if your fincncial situation has
changed, they can refuse your loan. To assure you don’t lose the house of your dreams, avoid any
changes in your credit between the time you applied for your mortgage and the closing date. Shopping
can wait.

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