11 Men Arrested for Soliciting Sex to Undercover Investigators

Harris County, Texas – August 24, 2018: This past week, Constable Mark Herman’s Criminal Investigations Division executed an undercover operation focusing on suppressing the demand for Prostitution in Harris County Precinct 4. Undercover Investigators arrested suspects near schools, businesses and neighborhoods.  This operation was a result of complaints from the citizens of Precinct 4 regarding prostitution and other criminal activity.

The 1960 corridor was the primary target during this sting operation.

As a result of the two day operation, 11 men ranging from their early 20’s to their late 70’s were arrested and charged with Class B Prostitution for soliciting sex or sex acts from undercover investigators.  

“Those who plan to proposition a prostitute might want to think again, it can be an undercover investigator.” –Constable Mark Herman 

If you know or suspect a location of supporting prostitution, please contact Harris County Precinct Four Constable Mark Herman’s Office at 281-376-3472 or on-line at www.constablepct4.com/regulatory-enforcement-unit.  All tips can be made anonymously.