11 Arrested In FM 1960 Prostitution Sting

Houston, Texas – May 21st, 2015:  On Wednesday, May 19, 2015, investigators with the Harris County Precinct 4, Constable Mark Herman’s Office along with the Harris County Precinct 1 Constables Office initiated an undercover operation in response to outcries from the community regarding a high level of prostitution in the area.   The operation was conducted in and around the 500 block of FM 1960 in North Harris County.

The operation entailed undercover female deputies posing as prostitutes working the streets, along with male undercover deputies who were canvassing the area searching for females who were soliciting sex for money.  As a result of the investigation 7 males and 4 females were arrested and charged with prostitution and two of the suspects were found to be in felony possession of a controlled substance.

The primary purpose of this operation was to seek out and rescue potential human trafficking victims and to arrest those seeking the services of prostitutes.

It is well known, that the majority of people who seek the services of prostitutes attempt to justify their action by saying that prostitution is a victimless crime.  Prostitution thrives on the severe exploitation of women, men and children. The physical and psychological abuse that these individuals encounter truly makes them victims.  Many are forced into prostitution, unable to leave and therefore turn to illegal drugs in an attempt to cope.  Constable Mark Herman has made it a priority to keep the citizens within Precinct 4 safe.  Stopping prostitution will stop other crimes and helps combat the cruel and vicious practice of human trafficking.